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International Environment Days

April 12 to 15 2007 Assembly Hall (Aula) of the University of Freiburg (Kollegiengebäude I)

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1st day (12.04.2007)
"Looking at Earth"

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2nd day (13.04.2007)
"Ecosphere - A business region thinks ahead"

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3rd and 4th day (14. and 15.04.2007)
"Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance 2007"

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Environment and sustainability, as well as science and practice, are the keywords for the International Environment Days organized by the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in the jubilee year 2007.

Supported by highly esteemed and internationally renowned personalities, such as the former UNEP Director Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and the Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva, who in 1993 received the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize) students from all over the world will have an opportunity for discussion with leading representatives from the fields of science, business and governmment.

Trade and industry In the Southern Upper Rhine Valley, the so-called “Environmental Capital of Germany” Freiburg and the University with numerous environmental projects and innovative ideas such as the “Solar-University” provide a solid platform for research and a sustainable code of practice. The Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, the regional board of trade and industry (IHK Südlicher Oberrhein), and the minister of the environment in Baden-Württemberg, Tanja Gönner, invite you to have a stimulating and intensive dialogue on the occasion of the International Environment Days.


Often the city of Freiburg is referred to  as  „Solar-City“ and this reputation is well founded, as we have twice as many bicycles as cars moving around and more than 70.000 square meters of solar cells  installed on the roof tops of Freiburg.

Moreover the Öko-Institut has its office here and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) maintains a European secretariat since 1999 at Freiburg. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and the International Solar Energy Society are operating from Freiburg as well.

As a rule, businesses in the Southern Upper Rhine Valley voluntarily submit to a code of environment protection as a means of adequate modern management.

The University, being Freiburg´s biggest employer, submits to this code in research and teaching and, more practically orientated, in the management of its facilities. Excellent researchers and students from all over the world dedicate themselves to the momentous project of environmental protection, which is becoming increasingly important.

I would like to say thank you to all the people, who contributed to the realization of this conference and I am happy to welcome you to Freiburg on the occasion of the International Environment Days in the year of the University´s 550th anniversary. This might be the moment to look back and contemplate on a turbulent and eventful history, but it is even more the moment to look ahead. The Environment Days shall serve as a signal that we are prepared to accept the challenges the future is holding. With this in mind, I wish all participants four interesting and stimulating days, accompanied by an intensive scientific exchange.

Prof. Dr. Franz Daschner

President of the jubilee committee of the University of Freiburg

German Environmental Reward Laureate 2000

We'd like to thank the project partner:


as well as our Alumni and Alumnae:

Henkel KGaA Germany, Jörg Pape; Ernst Schuhmacher, Hilzingen; Franz und Anneliese Berding, Münster; Dr. Hugo Menze, Freudenstadt; Dr. Ulla Schach, Essen; Christian F.G. Mölbert, Bühl; Dr. Vera und Karl Schirner, Freiburg; Ruth Seywald, Freiburg; Dr. jur. Manfred Beker, Heilbronn; Ingeborg Baldus, Montabaur; Dr. Ulrich Hagemann, Dorsten; Dirk Tröndle, Gundelfingen; Doris Kattner, Bad Säckingen; Dr. Sebastian Leib, Augsburg; Dr. Martin Zuefle, Freiburg; Josef Seiler, March; Dr.Dr. Anja Kammer, Stuttgart; Dr. Hartmut Wiegers, Münster; Prof. Wolfgang und Dr. Sybille Boesken, Trier; Antonia Heizmann, Karlsruhe; Michael Buhlmann, Friedrichsdorf; Dieter Hof, Heidelberg; Dr. Dorothea Alles, Schliengen; Uwe Reifert, Waldbröl; Dr. Hiromi Ishibashi, Bad Homburg; Franz-Josef Wehnes, Essen; Dr. Ruth Weyland, Freiburg

for the financial support of the "Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance 2007".

Press release:
28.03.2007 — Internationale Umwelttage an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg vom 12. bis 15. April - Vier volle Tage für die Umwelt

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