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Vice Chancellor

Jäger We are delighted to be able to celebrate the 550th anniversary of our University with you. Many people from the University, city and region have worked together to make 2007 an extra special year.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the staff from all eleven faculties, the administration and the central university facilities we are able to present a rich and varied programme to you in our anniversary year. As Vice-Chancellor of the University I am proud of this united effort, which can’t be taken for granted in an establishment of this size. As the German saying goes, “he who rests, rusts”. For us, the anniversary is not only a reason to celebrate, but also motivation to further present our University as a top-level, cutting edge institution in national and international competition. With the autonomy of the University, a scientific involvement beneficial to mankind, unity of research and teaching, a constructive connection between comprehensive education and practice-oriented training, as well as the necessary creative freedom of academics, we have set a very clear course for the future. During the anniversary festivities we will present the achievements made by members of the University from its beginnings to the present day. We see the 550 years as a sign of a new era striving towards modernisation of Albert-Ludwigs University.

We look forward to the future!
Professor Dr. Wolfgang Jäger
Vice chancellor

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