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Anniversary Message and Logo

The Anniversary Message

Freiburg - We are the University
Bright Minds for a Better World

The Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg understands education as a fundamental societal task and is thus dedicated to providing students with interdisciplinary knowledge, methodical competence, and practical qualifications.

As a nationally and internationally connected university, we offer our students and faculty the opportunity to study, research, and teach with pleasure and success with the goal of influencing societal change responsibly. Excellence in science and practice is the guiding principle of the university.

The Anniversary Logo

LogoThe 550th anniversary of Albert-Ludwigs University is not only a reason to celebrate, but also to look at the challenges of the future. In order to symbolise this ‘new era’, the anniversary is visually represented by a logo.
Dynamics, vitality, exchange, networking, opening and insight - These characteristics symbolise the modern University and are expressed through the arrows in the logo.
Education, teaching, research, spirit, intuition, ingenuity and knowledgeare fundamental elements of everyday university life, and are reflected in the form of a brain in the logo.
550 years of Albert-Ludwigs Universityare the reason for the anniversary - a figure that is echoed in the formation of the arrows.
"Bright Minds for a Better World" - the anniversary motto. The best minds from the entire world will find ideal conditions at the University for research, teaching and learning.
"Freiburg - we are the University" - The city and the University have been linked together for many centuries. Both profit from each other when it comes to the attractiveness of the location.
Concept and design: abold, Office for Brand Communication – Munich (


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